About Fritz Keck

Fritz Keck has returned to his home town after many journeys and various career choices to pursue his dream of painting full time. Growing up in Edgewood and a graduate of Carnegie Mellon, Mr. Keck is now focusing his subject matter on early Pittsburgh history. Using old photos as reference, Fritz brings these images to life in original oil paintings, allowing his palate to reflect the diversity and uniqueness of the Pittsburgh Region. With practiced brushstrokes, Fritz’s paintings reveal the vintage character of this distinctive history.
All images are available as signed and numbered prints in limited editions of 250, and each is authenticated by the artist. He is also making the originals available for sale as well. Please contact him for indiviual pricing of these pieces. Fritz is also available for commision on original works of art. In addition, you may order 5x7 note cards, packaged in sets of 6 (six), mixing any of the paintings for these cards. Cost is $24 per set.  Contact Fritz Keck